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Slippery Slope

...why am i here?

magenta butterfly
21 January
...a shiny button in an unexpected place...

If you came to this profile due to my photo-ing, let me direct you to fiend_of_light...

queen_of_scum. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr
1-up records, 2manydjs, a perfect circle, a silver mount zion, alan rickman, albert camus, andy goldsworthy, animation, aphex twin, being made cds, black comedy, blade runner, bleeps, bonzo dog doo-dah band, books, boys who can dance, bret easton ellis, cafe au lait, cartwheels, cats, cheese, chocolate, chuck palahniuk, dancing like a machine, deathkill4000, depeche mode, dinosaurs, doc marten boots, douglas coupland, ed harcourt, eddie izzard, electro, electronica, explosions in the sky, eyeliner, faith no more, false eyelashes, films, fire, fireworks, fischerspooner, flexibility, foreign cinema, forensics, fossils, george orwell, gin, glen baxter, glenn gould, glow-in-the-dark stuff, good underwear, green, green eyes, harrison ford, harry potter, hats, having soft skin, heathers, helena bohnam carter, hotwater bottles, hugs, hunter s. thompson, ice-cream, indiana jones, interpol, jacques lu cont, jan svankmajer, jeff buckley, johnny depp, joy division, ken currie, knee-high socks, knowledge, ladytron, le tigre, leather gloves, longpigs, magpies, making cakes, making tapes/mds/cds, manic street preachers, mansun, marshmallows, michael palin, milkshakes, mince pies, minions, mogwai, monty python, morrissey, murder mysteries, music, mùm, neuroscience, nivea soft, oliver sacks, peaches, penguin cafe orchestra, philip k dick, photography, pink, pink hair, pinstripes, plaid, popbitch, post-rock, primo levi, puddings, pulp, radiohead, ribbons, russian accents, sealing wax, sex, sherlock holmes, shoes, sigur ros, smashing pumpkins, snow, soulwax, sparklers, stars, tai chi, tchai ovna, tea, terry gilliam, the cure, the faint, the longpigs, the pixies, the smell of matches, the smiths, therapy?, tim burton, time bandits, tom baker, tool, tove jansson, twin peaks, unkle, velvet, vinyl, vivienne westwood, warp records, white russians, withnail&i, writing letters, yeah yeah yeahs, yoga, yuri norstein