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1st October 2008

10:55am: Shameless plug -> http://www.justgiving.com/rosiemorland <-
Yes, in just over a week, I'm going to be doing a 10,000ft skydive to raise funds for Mind (http://www.mind.org.uk/) so am doing a small amount of pestering to drum up some sponsorship :)

Here's a wee bit about Mind for anyone who isn't familiar with them...

They are involved in:
* advancing the views, needs and ambitions of people with mental health problems
* challenging discrimination and promoting inclusion
* influencing policy through campaigning and education
* inspiring the development of quality services which reflect expressed need and diversity
* achieving equal rights through campaigning and education.

I'm pretty sure that every one of you has had some experience of mental illness, either personally or through friends/family, which I reckon makes this a pretty worthy cause.

So here's that all important address again: http://www.justgiving.com/rosiemorland

*thank-you* :)

*if yr in Glasgow and would rather meet up and write on my exciting paper-based sponsorship form, please give me a shout!!


7th August 2008

9:52am: 080808

Tomorrow is the 8thy of the 8th of the 8th, and I'm going to an "8" party... I'm going to make 8-ball cakes and have some tiny 8-balls I'm going to make into rings.... but also had a plan of making a mix-tape :)

So far I have...
808 State
The Hot 8 Brass Band
The 4, 5, 6, 7, 8's

Plus Faithless - Sunday 8pm, and A Tribe Called Quest - 8 million stories

Any other 8-related songs/bands???? :)

15th June 2008

1:29pm: this song now playing is AMAZING. Find out. Wow indeed...

3rd April 2008

8:57pm: 18 for answers to things you must know
Today on my way home I saw:

A tail-less fox in a field of highland cows

Snails in the middle of a threesome

*18* magpies

...and a heron trying to blend in


29th February 2008

11:16am: waha!
I just got paid... and as I had recently informed the tax dudes I was on the wrong code.... I also have been given tax back!! £500!! You have no idea how required this is right now...


Hello weekend...

23rd February 2008

11:53pm: fujiya & miyagi
...are awesome.

9th January 2008


21st December 2007


My flatmate Iain is a clever boy. He's helped make a similar ainimation as part of Scott's xmas present. but obv i ain't letting that on youtube til after xmas ;)

17th December 2007

2:28pm: Cuba Photos

Street art in Havana

The Necropolis in Havana where I saw an exhumation take place

Man and Toad

Got a little wet in Trinidad...

Sunset in Cienfuegos


14th November 2007

12:51am: riton is playing death disco this saturday

I fly to cuba on tuesday

I can't type

I went camping at loch lomond at the weekend and it was totally awesome

I will update properly soon

Current Mood: content

15th October 2007

7:31pm: so
I have a new job starting in December - cell culture... research technician at the royal infirmary... woohoo!

I got a Merit for my Forensic Science masters... (I'm a little disappointed as it was my thesis which let me down, and i thought it was kick ass)

I am currently working in a smoothie bar, eating too much fruit

I am going to Morocco tomorrow... but I left my passport in Glasgow so have to get a train back there tonight and another tomorrow morning. JOY. I'm actually totally raging about this as i was looking forward to an evening of relaxing at home and now i feel like a total idiot and have to run around like a headless chicken and waste time on trains.

Aside from the passport issue, I'm actually pretty happy and feeling quite sorted about life in general

actual truth, kittens xx

29th September 2007

4:42pm: Quite possibly the happiest song ever...
I was never cool in school
I'm sure you don't remember me
And now it's been 10 years
I'm still wondering who to be
But I'd love to mix in circles, cliques, and social coteries - that's me
Hand me my nose ring (Can we be happy?)
Show me the mosh pit (Can we be happy?)
We can be happy underground

Who's got the looks
Who's got the brains
Who's got everything
I got this pain in my heart, that's all
Hey you with the long and lonely face
There's got to be something else
Let me tell ya something else
There was a girl who passed me by
She gave a smile but I was shy
I looked down, so down
Don't look there no no, go go underground
But now there's a place to go
It's the morning now, it's the evening
It's everything
I click my heels and I'm there

Underground, underground
Everything's happy underground
(Underground) You been kicked around
(Underground) Did life bring you down here
Everything's heavy underground

We'll be decked in all black
Slamming the pit fantastic
Officer Friendly's little boy's got a mohawk
And he knows just where we're coming from
It's industrial, work it underground
Get down, get down, get down

Underground, underground
Everything's happy underground
(Underground) You been kicked around
(Underground) Did life bring you down here
Everything's heavy underground

We can be happy, we can be happy, we can be happy

We can, we can, we can be

Everything's Heavy
(Underground) You been kicked around
(Underground) Did life bring you down here
Everything's heavy underground

We can, we can, we can be,
(Everything's happy underground)

I bought this for Kat's birthday many MANY years ago and we listened to it the other night after her birthday outing :) It was lovely
Current Mood: happy
2:33pm: wheeeee!
...just spent the morning in the darkroom developing 5 films... first darkroom stuff i've done in ages!! Just about to head back in to do some prints :) EEE!

I love it. I love thinking about how people developed all the techniques and figured out that stop and fix would be required and what chemicals would work. SCIENCE.


Current Mood: happy

4th September 2007

10:29am: ok guys
.... so i'm BACK :)

this is just going to be a VERY SHORT update as i'm moving house today and things basically haven't stopped since I got back.

So... Dublin was AWESOME... i can't emphasise this enough. I was (almost) continuously happy for 3 solid months, even with all the horrors i was inevitably exposed to. I met some amazing folk and did some great things and basically need to go back!

Just got back from a weekend at Connect Festival, which was also incredible...

basically, all you need to know for now is that EVERYTHING IS PHENOMENAL

1st June 2007

9:04pm: ireland

Originally uploaded by queen_of_scum
My first view, flying in almost a week ago...
4:35pm: Pivot Tables
...are the BOMB. I forgot how easy they make life :)

BUT. Does anyone know an easy way of dealing with data in text format i.e. if a cell can contain either "A", "ABF", "AHRF" or "AKY", is there a simple way of expressing that there are 4 "A"s, 2 "F"s etcetc? Long shot but hey ;) [I had some idea that you could use logical functions i.e. "IF cell contains "A, count as 1" kinda thing)

So yeah. Hi guys. I'm in Dublin *waves*

Been staying with a girl I met on couchsurfing.com since Sunday night, and she's really really nice :) Shame she's moving to London at the end of June! :( I get into my 'proper' house at the weekend, which will be nice... I'll finally be able to relax and start feeling like this is where I will be living and working rather than it just being a rather weird holiday.

Dublin is really nice - it's also REALLY HOT just now... it's been raining/hailing on and off too, so in some ways it's like I never left Glasgow!

man. i'm tired. I had so much to write but it'll have to wait til another time. I forgot how tiring it is meeting a squillion new folk and trying to find our way around a new city and generally readjusting to newness.


21st May 2007

10:54am: 13 May 2007 – 20 May 2007
1 Beastie Boys
2 Regina Spektor
3 Diplo
4 Simian Mobile Disco
5 Andrew Bird
6 The Roots
7 Prince
8 Mogwai
9 Wagon Christ
10 Philip Glass

20th May 2007


18th May 2007

11:30am: uh-oh
Here comes that fear again...

Weird how I can never imagine doing anything without seeing the end in sight. 2nd degree is about to finish, then I have 1 year of dossing then 4yrs of a phd.... then what the hell will happen? Maybe the world will end and I won't have to decide... ;)

17th May 2007

11:42am: World gone mad
Apparently there's been a massive increase in America of children diagnosed with bipolar disorder



rantCollapse )

p.s. Obviously, I am not denying that people do suffer from mental disorders which can be helped enormously by drugs. But you should know that already... I just think poeple are WAY too keen to stick a label on beahaviour, a label which comes pre-medicated.
Current Mood: awake

15th May 2007

6:10pm: iain got a scanner...
11:03am: so fresh and so clean
...so this hairdo is pretty good (ignoring al this morning - i walked into the kitchen with fresh bed hair to be greeted with "you've got emo hair! :| thanks mate :|)

I'll stop putting pics up soonCollapse )

Decided not to ruffle up the back for 'every day use'... seems to sit pretty nicely even with my mediocre styling skillz! Yas!

14th May 2007

11:38pm: choppity chop
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Pretty different, no? I like :)

(tho still... ask me again tomorrow when i've washed it...)
'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com

I got my hair cut today. It's the shortest it's been in ages but I can still get wee 1" bunches out of it! (having my hair loose distracts me when i'm studying)

It was one of my most enjoyable haircuts ever - I gave the guy almost entirely free range over what he did and good chat was had :) Course the proof of a good haircut is always how it stands up to being washed *at home* :-o
Current Mood: good
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